Podcasts for Game Developers

I listen to a lot of podcasts. According to Pocket Casts, my favorite podcast app, I’ve listened to 39 days and 7 hours of podcasts. That’s 1423 hours of podcasts. My app also is happy to tell me that during that time I could have gone around the world 13 times in an air balloon,  128 billion google searches were performed, 5.6 trillion emails were sent.

So before I manage to come up with even higher numbers let me repeat, I listen to a lot of podcasts. So today I want to give you my personal list of 77 podcasts related to gaming, game development and software development.


Going through all of the podcasts would be a bit much, so let me show you my personal favorites.

Giant Beastcast

Giant Bomb logoAn English, weekly podcast by the  Giant Bomb East team. Video game journalists and the occasional guest talk about news, releases, press events and more with some behind the scenes knowledge. The hosts are humorous and often drift into silly but fun discussions about everything and anything.

Website | Feed 

Game Dev Podcast

Game Dev Podcast LogoA German, monthly podcast with various German game developers. Even though this podcast is relatively new the first two episodes managed to impress me with its plethora of fascinating topics, stories and tips. Their episodes about applications and game schools are particularly interesting for anyone looking to get into the games industry.

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Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks logoAn English, monthly podcast by three .net and web programmers. Each Episode they discuss a topic from fields such as design patterns, best practices, frameworks and more. Each episode also covers news and gives you some quick tips

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Full List of Podcasts (in no particular order)

PodcastWebsite | Feed
The Giant BeastcastWebsite | Feed
Der Game Dev Podcast (MP3)Website | Feed
Coding BlocksWebsite | Feed
PietCastWebsite | Feed
The Gaming Careers Podcast Website | Feed
Game Dev UnchainedWebsite | Feed
Giant BombcastWebsite | Feed
Auf ein Bier von Gamespodcast.deWebsite | Feed
VideoGamer UK PodcastWebsite | Feed
.NET Rocks!Website | Feed
Insert MoinWebsite | Feed
Experimental Game Development PodcastWebsite | Feed
The Debug LogWebsite | Feed
HanselminutesWebsite | Feed
Software Engineering RadioWebsite | Feed
Giant Bomb PresentsWebsite | Feed
Programming ThrowdownWebsite | Feed
CppCastWebsite | Feed
GameDev by AutodeskWebsite | Feed
Polygon MinimapWebsite | Feed
Dev Game ClubWebsite | Feed
Dude SoupWebsite | Feed
The Destructoid UK PodcastWebsite | Feed
The ChangelogWebsite | Feed
Press SelectWebsite | Feed
Full Stack RadioWebsite | Feed
JimquisitionWebsite | Feed
Cox n' Crendor ShowWebsite | Feed
Up Up Down DownWebsite | Feed
Software Engineering DailyWebsite | Feed
VICE Gaming PodcastWebsite | Feed
Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots PodcastWebsite | Feed
Indie HavenWebsite | Feed
Three Moves AheadWebsite | Feed
Rooster Teeth PodcastWebsite | Feed
The TouchArcade Show - An iPhone Games PodcastWebsite | Feed
FAQ Podcast [Funhaus Answers Questions]Website | Feed
Rogue Agent Radio Website | Feed
Two and a Half D: the Unity Game Dev PodcastWebsite | Feed
Idle ThumbsWebsite | Feed
The PatchWebsite | Feed
The Collective PodcastWebsite | Feed
Radio Nukular (MP3 Feed)Website | Feed
Game Dev Book ClubWebsite | Feed
VideoGamer.com PodcastWebsite | Feed
RadioRadarWebsite | Feed
Inside Gaming PodcastWebsite | Feed
The TOVG PodcastWebsite | Feed
Android Central PodcastWebsite | Feed
Game Dev LifeWebsite | Feed
Polygon's Quality ControlWebsite | Feed
The Crate and CrowbarWebsite | Feed
Stay ForeverWebsite | Feed
Daft SoulsWebsite | Feed
The Co-optional Podcast and Cynicalbrit audio blogsWebsite | Feed
NewbQuest: Learn Indie Game DevelopmentblogsWebsite | Feed
Zero Percent Game DevWebsite | Feed
The Game EngineWebsite | Feed
The Game Design Round TableWebsite | Feed
The Game Design DojoWebsite | Feed
Sirlin.Net - Game DesignWebsite | Feed
The Clockwork Game Design PodcastWebsite | Feed
The Who, What, Why? Game Design PodcastWebsite | Feed
Dicing With Design: Role Playing, Wargaming, Card gamesWebsite | Feed
Game Design ZenWebsite | Feed
Game Design w/ Joe MethodWebsite | Feed
The Game Design PodcastWebsite | Feed
The Infinite Ammo PodcastWebsite | Feed
BigSushi.fmWebsite | Feed
Indie Game Riot!Website | Feed
Designer NotesWebsite | Feed
LostcastWebsite | Feed
Script LockWebsite | Feed
Tone ControlWebsite | Feed
Podtoid: Destructoid's Video Game PodcastWebsite | Feed
Game Industry Career Guide PodcastWebsite | Feed