Podcast Review: Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks is one of my favorite programming podcasts and part of my list of recommended podcasts for game developers. So today I want to show you why I like it so much.


Every episode contains software development news, present tips, and tricks and delves into a particular programming topic. The hosts Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw, are C# and Javascript web developers created the podcast because they were “frustrated by the lack of quality programming (pun) available in listenable formats.” So they started Coding Blocks in September 2013  with Episode 1 – I is for Interface, a discussion about “the good, the bad, and the ugly side of interfaces.”  Since then they kept a more or less monthly release schedule.

Top Episodes

Episode 12 What do you want to be when you grow up? – #define ME
This Episode discusses what programming language is best suited as a first language, if a wide or deep skillet if better and how they would start learning to program today. Recommended to anyone who wants to get into (web)programming.

Episode 7SOLID as a Rock!
A discussion of the SOLID principles for writing maintainable and extendable software by “Uncle Bob” Robert C. Martin. Also features the YAGNI, Rule of 3 and DRY principles. Recommended to anyone who wants to write clean code.

Episode 38How to be a Programmer: Personal and Team Skills
Episode 39How to be an Intermediate Programmer
Episode 40How to be an Advanced Programmer
While these are technically three episodes, they contain one big discussion about Robert Reads book: How To Be A Programmer. This book is a significant collection of How-To’s that concern personal skills, team skills and more. Recommended to anyone who wants to be a more professional programmer.


In my opinion, Coding Blocks is a must-listen podcast for any software developer. Their in-depth discussions of diverse software engineering topics are always worth listening to.

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